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About us

We produce high-quality wood products. Our sphere of activity is wide: from furniture, door and stairs to such design objects as spoons and bicycle handlebars.

The company founder Inguss Kampenuss is an enthusiastic craftsman who has found other likewise enthusiastic woodworkers and has joined them in one company. 

Basic principles
Great design, high quality and compliance with the set deadlines are our core values. We try to use Latvian materials as much as possible.

Our production is easy to use and maintain. Furniture that is maintained on a regular basis will serve you for a long time. We work so that our produced furniture is inherited by the next generations.

We care about the woodworking future; therefore, in cooperation with local vocational schools we teach the new woodworkers. It is a valuable experience for the learners while for us it is an opportunity to find new and enthusiastic employees.

We obtain new ideas by travelling as well as being inspired from different world's designers and manufacturers. We have established a great cooperation with Reinis Saliņš, Spot Architects and Woodstick.

Kampenuss production can be purchased in our online store and in Pienene. We are always open to new coolaboration opportunities with designers and manufacturers. If we have roused your interest, feel free to contact us by e-mail or give us a call.





+371 292 761 32
"Kantes", Līvi, Drabešu pagasts,
Amatas novads, LV-4101, Latvia